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Newspaper / Magazine / Online Articles

Community News

bullet Interfaith card game fosters unity
bullet Local ministry provides a place for tweens
bullet Chamber of commerce director makes changes
bulletBoston Marathon memorial run
bullet West Bloomfield school renaming
bullet Civic theater under new management
bullet U.S. flags delivered throughout Farmington
bullet Charitable organization renovates houses
bulletVietnam vets golf outing

Education / Parenting Articles

bullet Lego league takes top honors
bullet Public school funding legislation
bullet Longacre text feature parade
bullet Farmington workers protest privatization
bullet Farmington school closings
bullet Students rise and shine for exercise



bullet Marcus Burrowes home for sale
bullet Farmington cemeteries record history
bullet Broadway-caliber show at churches
bullet Retired resident gives back to community
bulletDetroit Derby Girls
bulletSenior fitness instructor reaps benefits
bullet Furniture ministry helps people in need
bulletGirls Gone Vinyl
bulletWicked Halloween Run
bullet FIRST Robotics competition
bulletLivonia stable-owner tells history
bulletNinth child of 17




Food / Entertainment / Lifestyle

bullet Middle school play deals with emotions
bullet Farmington Escape Room
bullet Beau's Grillery
bulletPlanning the perfect party
bulletHannaford Fresh
bulletAsk the chef: Bella Ciao



Business News Articles



BodyPartChart makes medical Fatheads


New concept in paint launches in Southfield

bullet Handmade jewelry business booms
bullet Recycled plastic spurs art, green biz
bulletWhat's in a name?


bulletDriving Success: Dynamic Car Care
bullet Automotive tool company diversifies
bulletElder-care costs on the rise
bulletHealth care costs and companies
bulletHealth care and IT
bullet New boutique in Farmington
bullet Dance studio expands
bulletJeweler changes with the times
bulletSpecialty retailers making change
bulletBuilder/Architect: Pulte Homes
bulletExecutive profile: Sam Simon, Atlas Oil


Promotional Writing


bulletWoman's Life
bulletNSF Nutritional Notes



Advertisements / Promotional Writing

bulletDittrich Furs directory copy
bulletThe Medstat Group Inc.
bulletVacuum Orna-Metal Containers

Press Releases

bulletCleary University ranks among top colleges
bulletHeart to Heart Hospice Foundation debuts
bulletLiving Stations of the Cross



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